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3 Beautiful Christmas Table Setting Ideas

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Vintage Christmas table setting decorations

Setting a Christmas dinner can be a daunting task and should be one that everyone takes somewhat seriously. Having the best dinnerware and the best flatware will mean nothing if the table is not set in a festive way and guests will be able to enjoy themselves more if they are at a nicely decorated table.

Always consider how your guests feel when you are choosing to decorate your Christmas table. It is a good idea to take ideas from different places and apply them to your dinner table at Christmas.

Looking at a few good ideas will give you a base for starting your own excellent Christmas dinner table. Be sure that no matter what you choose you put your own personality and spin on it.

The Simplistic Approach

Don’t go overboard. If you want a more simple and modern Christmas dinner table, you should consider going for a minimally chic affect. You can make this effect happen by using square edged plates, as opposed to round ones. Use silver napkin holders and tuck a small piece of holly into them to make them more festive.

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You can also put a piece of small poinsettia into vases on the table, but be sure that your guests know not to eat those.

Small garland and wreaths around the table, but not on it, will help lend a touch of festivity to the way the table looks and will make it appear festive without being overdone.

Beautiful Christmas Table Setting Ideas

Vintage-theme Settings

Vintage cottage table settings. If you are going for a more vintage theme, consider creating a cottage feel in your dining room. This is especially helpful if you already have a cottage or vintage style dining room.

You can add to the look by creating a three tiered centerpiece. Be sure to include a lot of silver and white in it, as these are mainly vintage Christmas colors.

Silver ornaments and even sparkling starfish will make this cottage feel more like Christmas and less like vintage. Adding touches of lace and slight sparkle will make the room come alive with the spirit of Christmas and the feel of days of the past.

Elegant Holiday dining table decoration ideas

Injecting Dramatic Feel

Go for a dramatic feel. Christmas can be a hectic and dramatic time on its own, so it’s important to not only accept this fact, but also embrace it.

Create a dramatic feel at your Christmas dinner table by adding plenty of red. Choose reds that are in different shades and make sure that you have big, bulky pieces on your dinner table.

This style is ideal for people who have a large table to feel and for people who will not be overwhelmed by the amount of red and drama on the table. Glitter is a great thing to add to these pieces to make them more festive.

You can also find some of the best flatware and best dinnerware in hues of red to help match the theme you are going for. A nicely designed dramatic table will have guests forgetting about the drama of the holidays and focusing on the beautiful drama that is around your dinner spread.

Key Takeaway

Whether you choose to go with something simple and chic or something bold and elegant, you should always make sure that you have the best dinnerware and the best flatware possible for your table.

A great table will not make any difference if you have shabby dinnerware that is not up to the standards of the rest of your table.

Having a holiday dinnerware that is reserved only for the year’s most heartwarming occasion is definitely something you want to consider. It may be an additional investment on top of the casual dinnerware you already have, but it is one that is really worth its place if you have the budget.

Make sure that you choose dinnerware and flatware that you like and that will be able to suit you no matter what type of table you are setting.

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