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3 Chic Outdoor Table Setting Ideas You’ll Love to Have for Your Home

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Gorgeous outdoor table setting ideas

When I start thinking about entertaining, my thoughts inevitably turn to the table settings. Some of my friends tease me about my little obsession, but they always comment on how great everything looks.

They’re even starting to call me up for ideas on the best dinnerware and tips on making their own tables look great.

With the beautiful weather this year, they’re also planning more outdoor gatherings and looking for patio table ideas.

These are just a few of the tips I’ve give them over the years as they strive to set a chic and enjoyable table for their friends and family.

Simple outdoor dining table decoration idea

Embrace the Old

Some of the best casual dinnerware can be found in antique shops around the country. What’s fun about vintage serving bowls is that they don’t even have to match or be waterproof.

You can use an old wooden biscuit bowl for storing rolled napkins. Instead of plain clear glasses available at the store today, set out a collection of Carnival Glass and watch your guests take in the wonderful shades of blue, green, purple and gold.

Bring out your collection of Depression Glass and make good use of the serving pieces. A pitcher that served lemonade for past generations makes an impressive vase for roses today.

Stunning outdoor dining table decoration

Remember the Linens

The best dinnerware deserves more than being set on a plain glass table. When you’re going for a chic look, you need to break out the fabrics for a mixture of texture and colors.

Go with plain black placemats topped with simple white china for a chic look that suits any occasion. Choose a floral tablecloth with solid coordinating napkins and fiesta dinnerware for a colorful gathering and hip tone.

If you’re going for a really casual event, then simple burlap place settings or silverware holders are a great choice. You don’t have to cover the entire table, either. A simple runner can provide you with color and texture without overwhelming a small space.

Go For Layers

Standard family meals around here consist of a plate and utensils, but you need to go a step further for those special meals outdoors.

The first layer in place is your table linen, but it’s fun to add layers to the dishes themselves. Whether you realize it or not, your outdoor dinners probably have several courses.

The main meal will go on the largest plate that rests on the bottom. With nice weather and outdoor meals, you probably have a salad for your guests, so place a salad plate over the dinner plate.

We like to put out cheese and vegetables for everyone to snack on while we finish the meal, so I also put a little appetizer plate on every setting.

Your best casual dinnerware should include all of these options, and stacking them nicely at every place setting makes the table look impressive and refined.

Finish off the layer with a fresh cut flower, colorful napkin or even a lemon wedge that can be dropped in their water glass later.

Small Handy Tips

When you’re looking for the best dinnerware, it’s all about what you love. Place setting don’t have to match perfectly, and you can use different sets to create beautiful coordinated layers at every place setting.

My guests never know quite what to expect because I combine my best casual dinnerware from the modern era with my own collection of antique service pieces and my favorite linens.

Every time I entertain, the table is a unique reflection of my style, and my family loves the way I change things around regularly for a fresh and exciting look.

Image credit: Jeff Krause, StarMama and Henryr10

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