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3 Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas Every Modern Homeowners Should See

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Minimalist table setting ideas

Whether you have four or 20 people arriving for Thanksgiving, your dining table is the center of attention as guests enter the home and sit down for the main meal.

You want the table to look appealing with decorations and seasonal flair. However, the best dinnerware and table setting lends itself to a minimalist look. The table will be full of food soon, allowing enough space for the decadent meal without crowding with too many centerpieces or decorations.

Bring out the Wood

When you have a breathtaking wood dining table, it’s nearly an insult to cover it with a huge tablecloth. Give the wood a chance to be the star by simply laying a table runner across the table’s middle section.

Select a cloth with a simple design or color, along with clean edging that doesn’t scream “ornate.” Place your best casual dinnerware at each seat with no placemats.

As visitors pick up their utensils, they’ll notice the wood close at hand for a unique conversational point.

Don’t let the runner sit idle without a few accents. Select two or three centerpieces for tables holding more than 6 people, for example.

The centerpieces hold the runner in place while providing focal points for guests. Choose seasonal flowers in a small vase or even deep green foliage for the centerpieces.

You want your best dinnerware to stand out against the centerpieces as the meal is served so avoid tall plant accents blocking the guests’ views.

Classy minimalist dining table decoration for Thanksgiving meal

Dramatic White

For a more intimate Thanksgiving meal, such as for a couple, try a dramatic white minimalist look. Your best casual dinnerware is still the star, but it may stand out better if it has a pattern or solid color other than white.

Even borrow the best dinnerware from your family to make a positive impression. Drape a small table with a white tablecloth falling to the floor.

Select cream or beige cloth napkins to fold into upright shapes, such as the traditional fan formation. Place the napkins on the dinnerware. You’ll see the contrast between the tablecloth, plate and napkin immediately.

Avoid bushy flowers or plants for this table setting. Consider one lone candlestick or long-stem rose as the centerpiece. Because it’s thin, the centerpiece doesn’t hinder your view of the guest.

It actually creates a focal point for eyes to meet across the table, forming connections during the meal. Allow the centerpiece and table to merge into one decorative point by matching a cream or beige bow around the rose’s vase or candle’s holder. Simple, but elegant, is your goal with this setting.

Take it Outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to have a warm Thanksgiving, consider an outdoor treat. Bring your dining table onto a balcony or patio and clean it off completely.

Lay simple placemats at each seat, giving the appearance of a semi-formal picnic. Place seasonal flowers in a basket on the table, maintaining a low clearance for ample conversation and views of the outdoors.

This minimalist Thanksgiving gives you more room for food on the table. Fill the table initially with rolls and butter, making sure to cover the food with covers to avoid any pests from invading the party.

Even place a punch bowl on a nearby side table to encourage drinking and socializing before the big meal. Minimalism, simplicity and a good time are synonymous with each other.

Thanksgiving is a time to share stories and laughter over a meal. Keep the small figurines and huge flower bouquets off the table for the best casual dinnerware and minimalist appearance. Your guests will marvel at the clean look as you revel in the simplicity to create it.

Image credit: Alex Berger and brent flanders

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