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3 Rustic Table Setting Ideas Perfect for Thanksgiving

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A festive tablescape is as much a part of celebrating Thanksgiving as the turkey itself. It’s a time to pull out all the stops and use the gravy boat and serving utensils that accumulate dust the remainder of the year.

Instead of a fancy, formal table, I like to go a little rustic. By using nature inspired looks, I create a beautiful table setting that is surprisingly elegant at the same time.

If you want to create the perfect rustic table without looking like a campsite, try incorporating some of the following design ideas from creating center prices to choosing the best casual dinnerware.

Rustic table setting idea

Straight From Nature

The benefit of using items straight from nature is that all it takes is a little time. With the exception of the plates and glasses, everything else is completely free.

Start by creating a center piece by placing a large platter or bowl in the center of the table. Fill it with items that you found outdoors, such as magnolia leaves, cedar tree sprigs, bird feathers and pine cones. Add in a little color using light-colored nuts and a few pieces of fruit such as oranges and apples.

Casual white plates keep this look crisp and elegant. Once you have selected the best casual dinnerware for the table, dress each plate up by using thinly sliced pieces of wood under them as placemats. I like to place additional wood slices at periodic locations to use as trivets for hot pans.

A Twist on the Basics

Most people opt for traditional browns and oranges when setting a Thanksgiving table. However, try adding a twist on this concept by incorporating colors and items that still related to the fall but are often forgotten.

When it comes to colors, opt for pale greens, yellows, white and even light blues or reds. For example, while many people opt for a centerpiece created with orange pumpkins, try using white or pale green ones instead. Simply stack the pumpkins on top of each other in descending order. Place the entire stack on a pretty white or light blue platter and you have a instant centerpiece.

When it comes to choosing the best dinnerware for this look, opt for something unique. The best casual dinnerware is often ceramic plates in bright colors. Complete the setting by tying name tags to small, white pumpkins and use them as name plates in the center of each plate.

Rustic dining table decoration ideas

Formal Rustic Style

For those who still want a formal looking table, there is rustic motif for you too. Instead of heading outdoors, use nature-inspired colors and items that are commercially made.

Start by selecting the best dinnerware for your look, which can be formal china. Choose dinnerware that is cream, or that have a pretty antique pattern. White and blue patterns are one of the best dinnerware choices for a rustic, yet formal look. Set each plate atop a shiny silk or satin placement in a coordinating color.

Don’t Forget the Little Details

When creating a centerpiece for this style purchase store-bought items, such as pinecone place card holders and a pretty artificial wreath with glitter-topped pumpkins.

Place the wreath in the center of the table and fill it with white, cream or pale yellow candles of various heights. Set the pinecones around the edge of the wreath in front of the place settings.

Complete the look by using the best flatware set you have together with a napkin in the same color as the placements. Opt for napkin rings that have colorful beads that match your placement.

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