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A friend of mine used to say ‘good times can easily be created out of good food’. True enough. And inviting friends and relatives over to my house for dinner is something that I love and enjoy doing. While some just could not be bother with the preparation hassle, I believe it is something that most of us would love doing.

If you think that all it takes to prepare good foods is simply the recipe and ingredients, then I guess it is good to look around and see what you are missing. Based on my experience, having good ingredients and raw materials in your hand is simply insufficient.

Just think of this. You may have bought the freshest fish from one of the best seafood market in your area. But what good will it do if you have a lousy knife? I bet you can do proper slicing and get the best out of the fish you have. The same goes for other type of food including meat, fruits and vegetables.

I know what it takes to find a good set of tableware. From sushi knife to carving knife to even cheese knife. If you are hunting for one of those, welcome to my blog. If you like what you find here, do let me know in the comments.