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American Bead Flatware Set is Budget Friendly. Is it Good?

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American bead flatware set review

If you’re in the market for a set of flatware that’s sturdy enough for everyday use yet elegant enough to be presented at your most sumptuous dinner party, you’d definitely need to give American Bead Flatware a serious consideration.

But does it have what it takes to qualify as the best flatware set for you? Scroll down and you’ll get a better idea.

A Review of American Bead Flatware Set

This flatware set consists of 53 pieces. There are eight dinner forks, eight dinner knives, eight salad forks, eight soup spoons and eight teaspoons. Besides this, there are eight steak knives, two serving spoons, one serving fork, one butter knife and one sugar spoon.

The set has a somewhat Art-Deco flavor to it, with teardrop shaped handles edged with tiny, pleasing beadwork that, if I may say so, are a sign of superior craftsmanship and aesthetics. The finish is more satiny than mirror bright, which means the pieces will be especially fetching in candlelight.

Ease of Use with Dishwasher

The set is made of 18/0 stainless steel. This means that it’s 18 percent chromium in addition to steel, which is an alloy of carbon and iron. This makes the flatware not only durable but able to be put in the dishwasher every day. If you want to keep the shine of your flatware longer, be sure to check out our flatware maintenance guide and find out the dos and donts when it comes to stainless steel flatware maintenance.

I don’t even take it out during the drying cycle, as I would with other flatware sets made of softer metal. I only take out the steak knives before the drying cycle because they have plastic handles. That is it!

Rust Issue to Take Note Of

Though I’ve had no problems with the set, there are few customers who claim that their American Bead flatware sets rust over time. Particularly around the beads.

But most other owners share how they have washed their flatware sets probably hundreds of times and still don’t see any rust. Nonetheless, while the number of such users is relatively small, you may want to take note of this.

I’m not a chemistry person but I learn from the various discussions that I had with friends that the cause of the rust could be due to the nature of the water. Certain states come with hard water while others come with soft water.

One flatware maintenance tip that you may want to keep in mind is not to leave your flatware pieces too long in contact with acidic foods. Nor should it be in prolonged contact with eggs. That could be what’s causing the rust!

The Right Form Factor

But most people who bought this set can’t say enough about it and use it as their best flatware set. They appreciate the length of the tines on the dinner forks, which gives them a classical look. The blade of the butter knife is wider than some people expected and this was also appreciated.

The weight of the flatware in the hand is pleasingly heavy though not ponderous. None of the pieces can be bent with ease. I agree to this! There’s nothing worse than flatware that’s so light it gives you the feeling it was made for a children’s tea party set.

Flatware that’s too heavy, as well as being really ornate, is pretentious. It only makes your guests wonder what you paid for it instead of being a lovely part of the dining experience!

For Everyone in the Family

Speaking of children, some customers say that even their very young children can use this flatware easily though the soup spoons may be a tad too big for little mouths. Others say this set is just the thing to send to a child who’s starting college and living away from home for the first time.

Other customers claim that this set matches a set that their mother or grandmother bought a long time ago, and the pieces are just right to replace old pieces that were lost or “lifted.” Those old sets have lasted for decades, and this set should last just as long.

Decision Time

As it stands now, American Bead 53-Piece flatware set proves to be a big hit among table ware buyers. The art-deco design found in the handles inject a classic old-fashioned feel but minus the obsolete feel.

Do you think this the best flatware set? For me, if you’re looking for a complete set that has everything you’ll ever need, there are not many options that can offer so much with so little in price.

Photograph courtesy of jenny downing

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