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Best Knife Sharpeners for the Best Cuts

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If diamond is a woman’s best friend, best knife sharpener is a chef’s best friend. Nothing is more important to a good chef than a knife with properly sharpened edge.

But when you are hunting for the best kitchen knife sharpener, there are basically 2 types of knife sharpening systems to keep in mind when you are doing your reviews. The two are electric and manual sharpening system.

Electric vs Manual Knife Sharpening

If you are hunting for your first ultimate knife sharpener, the first question that you have to ask yourself is whether you want to go for the manual or electric type. While not everyone will agree, I think there are obviously distinctive pros and cons of each type which is the primary reason why both types still exist until today.

As with any product, the manual version is always the earlier innovation and when it comes to knife sharpening tools, there is no exception. Long before all the electrical tools have been invented, humans have been using and relying on their blades for various purposes. From hunting to cutting meat and to even to fighting enemies in the battlefield.

The invention of electric knife sharpener introduces convenience to the knife sharpening process itself. Unlike the manual method, sharpening any blade with the best electric sharpener takes any guesswork and require no skill at all to get started.

Take note of the words ‘to get started’. While anyone can simply place their kitchen knife on the electric sharpener and let it does the rest, getting the job done to perfection requires a little bit more skill than that.

Despite the convenience, experienced professional chefs still prefer the old manual way of sharpening their main kitchen arsenal. Be it in sharpening the finest boning knife to the finest carving knfie.

The main reason is because the manual way of doing the sharpening leaves maximum flexibility to the user and one that requires fine workmanship to perform.

Other than flexibility, price is something that you may want to take into consideration when selecting between the two types. The ultimate manual knife sharpening systems are generally cheaper compared to the ultimate electric knife sharpening systesm.

If you are on a tight budget but still want to maintain your your knife at the tip top condition, getting a manual sharpener will be a wiser decision.

In the nutshell, the best knife sharpening system for home users would be the electric type for most people while the best manual knife sharpener would be more appropriate for expert cooks and professional chefs.

Enough theoretical rhetoric. So which blade sharpeners are best for kitchen knives? Let’s take a look at few of them.

The Top-Rated Kitchen Knife Sharpeners

Best Diamond Knife Sharpener (Stone)

Everyone knows that diamonds are not only beautiful, but they are the hardest mineral on earth. For decades, there is only 1 name that represents the pinnacle of diamond sharpening industry. And that name is Diamond Machining Technology (DMT).

The Diamond Whetstone sharpener offered by DMT is a class on its own and until today, it still remains a product that is proudly Made in USA.

DMT’s Diamond Whetstone is much touted for its effective, simplicity and durability. While some stone-based sharpeners require oil to work with, this popular sharpener requires water.

I can’t speak about your experience as to whether oil or water is better. But based on my personal experience, I prefer water compared to oil for few simple reasons.

First, water is easier to clean. Second, using water is less slippery. Somehow, I feel safer when doing my sharpening with less oily hands.

But keep in mind that there are different level of grit that is being offered for the same model. In case you are wondering how that matters, extra-coarse surface is what you need if you have damaged edges while extra-fine surface is what you need if all you need is to polish and refine your knife edge.

If it is good enough for the professional chefs, do you think it will be good enough for you? I leave you with the answer.

Best Diamond Knife Sharpener (Rod)

It is common for chefs to carry with them a hidden arsenal – pocket knife sharpener. Smith’s is probably the industry’s most recognized name when it comes to pocket knife sharpener.

Among all the best knife sharpener reviews, you will discover that Smith’s Diamond Retractable (DRET) sharpener is probably one that has been most favorably rated.

One thing you want to take note is the medium grit that makes this good enough for razor sharp edge but not for fine polishing.

Costing no more than the cost of a couple of meals, it is the one knife sharpener that every chef should carry in their pockets.

The Ultimate Electric Knife Sharpener

Okay. All right. The diamond knife sharpeners are great but they still take some practice before you get the level of mastery to really get the best results.

If you think those are too difficult to use, electric knife sharpener may be what you want to consider.

Presto EverSharp Electric knife sharpener is one of the most popular electric sharpening system and for good reason. This sharpener has been designed as a no-brainer and take any guesswork from the process.

What you need to do is pass your kitchen knife through it and in less than 30 seconds, you get all the job done.

The Ultimate Manual Knife Sharpener

For most noobs, Presto EverSharp Electric knife sharpener will be the perfect choice. But if somehow you still find it too pricey or maybe you have phobia with anything electric, then you want to consider what I refer to as the ‘ultimate knife sharpener’ – AccuSharp Knife and Tool Sharpener.

Why do I call AccuSharp the ultimate sharpening tool? Because if you still can’t figure out how to use or you stil it is too expensive, then you may not have any other alternative any way.

Costing no more than few bucks, it is by far the simplest knife sharpening system I’ve ever seen. A clever innovation you may call it and it seems to work.

With AccuSharp knife and tool sharpener, no water or oil is required and no electrical wiring to worry about.

After seeing it garnered a lot of positive reviews, I was curious and decided to purchase one to give it a try.

I have to say its simplicity is impressive. While it is good enough to sharpen dull edges, I don’t believe it is good enough for expert-level users.

Your Choice

As we come to the end of our best knife sharpener reviews, it is now back to you to make your choice.

You’ve seen some of the best-rated knife sharpening systems. Each system is built for specific purpose and comes with its own consideration.

So, have you found the right sharpener for the best flatware set you have in your kitchen? If you have any experience with any of the items listed here or you feel there are other alternatives that are better, let me know in the comment below. I’d love to hear them all.

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