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Best-Selling Pasta Bowls Collection

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Pastas represent the base ingredient for some of the cheapest and most filling dishes that mankinds have managed to create throughout history.

While preparing a big tuna salad is indeed cheap, you need the right tools to mix enough food to feed a whole family.

I have no doubt about your pasta making ability. But to top it all, you need the best pasta bowls to serve up those yummy aglio olio or cream pesto. Here are the 5 Best-Selling Pasta Bowls for you to pick depending on your budget.

Best Pasta Bowl Sets for Different Budget Range

Best Value for Money for $50: Corelle 5-Pc Pasta Set

The Corelle Livingware Winter Frost White 5-Piece Pasta Set is one example of what makes the best pasta bowls. More accurately, it is a collection of 5 examples.

The white pattern is basic but you just can’t go wrong with something so simple. In addition, with the price tag attached to these five bowls set, you’re definitely getting a deal on this alternative to the melamine bowls that you might have.

If you’re sick of eating on plastic, you could try some glass right here. They’re cheap, simple and effective. They make the best dinnerware pieces for pasta lovers.

#1 Best-Seller for $75 or less: 5-Pc Olives Decorated Pasta Set

Pasta bowls which are more colorful or possess a design are sure to make a more memorable impact on your guests.

That’s why, while the last bowls are good, the 5-piece garden of olives set from Certified International is just a bit better.

Yeah, they do cost a little more, but not a lot more. If you have that little extra budget to get your best pasta bowl, you can get something really beautiful.

Of course, that’s the sale price. These hand-painted bowls are made of ceramic materials and are more fragile than melamine dinnerware, so be careful during handling.

#1 Best-Seller for $100 or less: Lenox Butterfly Meado 7-Pc Set

If you’re really into patterns and you want one which is widely liked, you could try the 7-piece pasta/salad set in Butterfly Meadow print, from Lenox.

Lenox is a familiar name in many kitchens across America and it’s a fact you can trust the quality of their gear.

However, these dishes including their casual dinnerware sets, are rather pricey.

If you must have it, look for the butterfly meadow pasta set when it is on sale. Otherwise you could pay as much as few hundred bucks for the whole thing. That’s a pretty big leap from melamine dinnerware prices.

Top-pick for $150: Portmeirion 6-Pc Botanic Garden Pasta Bowl Set

Floral prints and patterns are also popular around the kitchen. They give a kind of comforting air to dishes and make the whole room seem a little more natural somehow.

These points are behind the popularity of Portmeirion’s Botanic Garden Pasta Bowls, of which you can get a 6-piece set.
Considering its retail price and the price that some online retailers are offering during sale, you know that you are really getting heck of a deal when you are lucky enough to get this set at the discounted price.

Though it might have that look, this is not melamine dinnerware but instead glazed, painted earthenware, or stoneware dinnerware. So if you have kids in the house and pose a high risk of dropping your dishes, this might not be the best option for you.

Ultimate Pasta Set: Tognana White Porcelain 6-Pc Pasta Set

While it doesn’t sell as well as the other brands on this list, the popularity of Tognana’s pasta plates, bowls and other accessories is not to be doubted.

The full-set of this pretty-looking pasta set comes with six piece pasta plates.

That’s just for a stack of plates. Admittedly, their white luster is from their porcelain materials.

You may be able to find white melamine dinnerware. But I can assure you that it will sport a dull and plastic look to it which Tognana pasta bowls definitely cannot possibly possess.

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