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Best-Selling Carving Knife

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Unless you are a vegetarian, I bet you are a meat lover. But honestly speaking, even among meat lovers, I would consider there are different grade of meat lovers.

Some are more easily satisfied than the others while some are what I called the ‘meat critics’ who are hard to please. If you are looking for the best carving knife, then chances are you are closer to the latter group.

Otherwise, why would you be so particular about every slice of the meat that goes into the plate? And unless you are particular about it, why would you be in need of the finest carving knife?

Not sure where to start your hunt for the ultimate carving knife set? Scroll down and you’ll soon have a better idea.

The Best Carving Knife Sets

J.A. Hecnkels Eversharp Pro: #1 Best-Selling Carving Knife Set

If you are serious about the flatware collection in your kitchen, the mention of J.A. Henckels will surely come as no surprise to you. After all, the brand has been in the cutlery business for close to 3 centuries. Yes, you heard it right!

If you love roasting (think about those Thanksgiving black-pepper turkey roast), J.A. Henckels Eversharp Pro is what you need to get the meat slicing job done with ease.

If you have more time to do your research, go through some of the flatware reviews that talked about J.A. Henckels. One reputation that the brand has built over the centuries is certainly its durability and blade sharpness.

But bearing such a high standard can by itself act like a double-edged sword to the company. Previous owners of any J.A. Henckels knives certainly have high expectation.

But as you know, no company can make the perfect product every time. Even the best dinnerware sets can’t satisfy everyone 100% of the time. Some buyers claimed that the knife set they received has not been as sharp as what they had come to expect from the brand.

They may have a point there. But if you are a serious cook, I’m sure you have the best knife sharpener at your disposal. If you happened to recieve units that are less sharp, all it takes is a bit of extra work to get it back to the tip-top condition.

The handles of this popular carving knife set each use a triple rivet system. What does this mean? It means these knivees won’t come apart in your hands.

For the price it fetch, it is hard to find a better knife set to get your carving job done.

Ginsu Backlite Carving Knife Set: From America’s Most Popular Flatware Maker

Ginsu knives first had their shot to fame close to a century years ago. It was in the 1970s when Ginsu knives became so popular with millions of American families owning at least one Ginsu knife. This is all thanks to the marketing brilliance of the guys behind Ginsu’s infommercial.

Japanese are certainly well-known for their culinary art perfection. If you think Ginsu has its origin from Japan, you’re mistaken. But there’s nothing to fret about as everyone tends to have the same thinking.

Though the brand is an American brand, the Japanese association seems to have been etched on everyone’s mind. maybe it is due to their wide use of Japanese characters in their marketing communication.

But anyway, what is of most interest to busy ‘professional’ cook (like you and me) will be how well a knife can perform and that is all that matters.

Unlike the carving knife in J.A. Henckels Eversharp Pro set, the knife of Ginsu Bakelite set comes with serrated edges.

It depends on your preference and I’m not here to pinpoint which of the two edge type is better. You are the pro and I believe you have a good idea about which to select.

Wusthof Classic: The One and Only Carving Knife Set You Need

Last (but certainly not the worst) on our list of the best carving knife set is Wusthof Classic 2-Pc Hollow Ground carving set.

Let me reiterate that being placed last on this list does not necessarily mean that it is less good compared to the two earlier models.

My main reason for putting this last is due to its price. In fact, if performance is what you are looking at and you have the extra money to afford it, this might after all, the best carving knife set that you want to consider.

Backed with German’s fine engineering reputation, the manufacturing of Wusthof knife is one that you can certainly take granted for. And that’s what you are pay for exactly.

Supported by limited lifetime warranty, this might be the last carving knife set you ever need to get. It is one that will surely last for many years.

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