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Shopping for the best flatware sets is a famaily fun experience to most shoppers. After all, how often do you get to buy a brand new flatware set?

The very first time you will be doing your flatware set reviews in search for the best option will be the time you are moving to your new house. Some people simply love to have everything new when they move in to a new house. But to most others, stocking up their kitchen cabinets with all the right tools and equipments mark the first memorable chapter in their new life chapter.

There is another time when you might be in the hunt for the best flatware sets. That is when your old set start to lose its shine (due to old-age or abuse) and you need a brand new shiny set to welcome your party guests.

Whatever it is, getting the best flatware caddy is not something that pops up in most people’s mind when they are shopping for a brand new cutlery set. It is something that only become apparent when they bring their set home just to realize that those forks, spoons and knives need proper housing to make them presentable.

Regardless of the reason why you are searching for a gorgeous flatware caddy, one thing will soon be clear to you. There are hundreds or probably thousands of models and brands to choose from. Just where is the good starting point?

Worry not. That’s what you are going to find out in this review. I’ve picked up a small list of the most recommended flatware caddy to house the beautiful flatware set you’ve bought. They would serve as a good starting point to kick start your hunt.

Ready? Let’s go.

List of Top-Rated Flatware Caddies

InterDesign Twillo Cutlery Caddy: The #1 Best-Seller

When it comes to kitchen stuffs, there are 2 important criteria that ranks high on the mind of every kitchen owners. Functionality and style.

The term functionality speaks for itself. The perfect flatware caddy is one that should serve its purpose well. And the very reason why anyone needs a flatware caddy is keep their beautiful silverware neat and organized.

One thing you want to keep in mind is the size of your flatware set as it will determine which caddy is the perfect match. If you have a set that serves 8, you usually at least have 8 dinner forks, 8 salad forks and 8 teaspoons as part of the set.

InterDesign Twillo Cutlery Caddy has plenty of space to fit all those silverware pieces in. In addition, you get one extra compartment where you can place your dinner napkin. Perfect!

But the real dealbreaker for InterDesign Twillo Cutlery Caddy would be its color and design. That is where the second criteria – style – comes into the picture.

This caddy might be made of plastic but it features a woven wire construction that makes it look like a finely woven handmade rattan. The best part is it comes in two color options – bronze and sand.

I’m not sure if that will perfectly fit into your kitchen theme, but to most contemporary kitchen design, it will.

Lattice Cutlery Holder: #1 Choice for the Environmentally-Conscious

With all the news about global warming and its harmful impact, more Americans are increasingly conscious about the environmental footprint they leave behind.

If you are among those who wish to do your bit to leave a better world to our future generations, Bamboo will be the alternative and being a chemical-free material it is, it makes the perfect material for the best flatware caddy.

Next on our list is the Lattice Flatware Caddy made by Totally Bamboo. Just a little lesson on bamboo, do you know that there are actually 1,200 bamboo species in total? Of all, moso species is said to be the hardest which makes it a popular choice to make plywood and flooring.

Moso bamboo is what Totally Bamboo’s Lattice Flatware Caddy is made of. One aspect that often gets mentioned in a number of flatware reviews is the weight and sturdiness of the unit. The best silverware caddy should not tip regardless of its load and that is what you get with this unit.

Prodyne Utensil Holder: The Choice for Modern Kitchen Design

Next on the list is the cutlery caddy from Prodyne. Unlike the previous 2 that you’ve seen, Prodyne flatware caddy has something different to offer.

First of all, it is made of stainless steel material. If you are a bamboo lover, this one should be out of your list.

Next on the design. There are two notable differences that you want to take into consideration as these are features that might earn it a top spot among cutlery caddy hunters.

It features four separate cylinders and an easy-to-carry handle. If you often find yourself having to transport your caddy from one place to another – indoor and outdoor dining – then this might be just what you need. Compared to the previous 2 models, this unit is designed with maximum portability.

Then there is the black rubber mat at the bottom of the caddy. This has been put in place in order to prevent it from causing visible scratches on your tabletop.

One thing that you want to consider is being the ring design it is, you tend to get utensils sliding out from it. One way to overcome the problem is to get yourself something like a cupcake liner but unless you carefully select its pattern, it may destroy the entire beauty of this beautiful caddy.

2-Compartment Flatware Holder: Best-Selling Hanging Holder

For small households, the previous options that we’ve seen might just be too large. If you find that to be a problem, The 2-compartment cutlery holder from Lipper International is something you want to consider.

While you can still place this small silverware holder on the tabletop, it is more recommended to be used as a hanging holder. Stability will be one issue if you place it in the tabletop and it will tip anytime. That is what the metal clips have been built-in for.

So again for those who prefer environmentally-friendly product in their kitchen, this 2-compartment bamboo flatware holder from Lipper International is one option that has seen significant number of happy owners.

Shabby Cottage Chic Tin Silverware Caddy: The #1 Chic Choice

What we have seen so far are great utensil holders except they boast nothing unique when it comes to design.

If you have an artisan kitchen and have put in enormous amount of effort in order it looks ‘rustic’, the choice of utensil holder might just break the picture-perfect look that has become your masterpiece.

Shabby Cottage Chic Tin Silverware holder is something that you do not want to miss in this case. I have to say there are not too many better alternatives that you can find.

In total, it has 6 separate compartments which should be enough to house your dinner forks, salad forks, teaspoon, tablespoon, butter knife and you still have the extra compartment for adhoc purposes.

If you love entertaining friends and relatives over for gathering, Shabby Cottage Chic Tin Silverware caddy is an option that will surely earn you praise and compliments.

Before You Go

I hope what you have seen excites you as much as it excites me when I was curating them. As you can see, the best flatware holder is something that scores high on 2 aspects: practicality and style. These are 2 aspects that are subjective and different individuals have their own unique taste.

The perfect holder for you might just well be one that fits nicely into your kitchen decor and one that complements the best dinnerware set that you will be using regularly.

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