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Melamine Dinnerware Sets Every Mom will Love

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The choice for the best dinnerware is one that is determined by a number of variables. As some of these variables are mutually exclusive to one another, it means that the best dinnerware for someone else is not necessarily the best for you.

The material type is one critical aspect that one has to decide before even talking about the best. Melamine is one type of material that is popular for making plates and dishes.

Compared to other materials like china or stoneware, melamine is popular due to 2 main reasons. First, it is highly affordable. With the same amount of money you pay, you can get the best melamine dinnerware while you may only get an average option for porcelain or stoneware dishes.

Second, it is durable. Melamine dinnerware does not break when they are dropped. This makes melamine a favorite among parents with young children. As for the reason, I think you don’t need any explanation as it is quite obvious.

If you have decided to get yourself melamine dishes but not sure which sets are good, below are my top picks to get you started.

Curated List of Best-Selling Melamine Dinnerware Sets

#1 Top-Selling Melamine Dinnerware Set by Le Cadeaux

One of the best selling sets of melamine dinnerware right now is the Benidorm pattern, produced by Le Cadeaux. It is a 16 piece set in total, with service for four different people.

The pattern really is beautiful. You probably won’t see another one like it on another melamine dish. The blues and yellows work very well together to make this melamine dinnerware pretty and also keep it flying off store shelves. At $220 per set with service for four, these sure aren’t cheap.

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Another Popular Melamine Dinnerware Set by Le Cadeaux

Le Cadeaux makes quite a few fanciful sets of melamine dinnerware. Besides that first print from them, their Malaga Blue pattern is also quite popular. You pretty much get the same stuff as in the last set, only all of these pieces come with a different design and patterns.

In addition, this set is also $10 less than the Benidorm set listed above and both are on sale at Amazon. If all you want is high quality melamine, get the cheaper ones.

Highly Rated Blue Melamine Dinnerware Set by Le Cadeaux

If you’re more a fan of solid colors, the deep, pure blues in the Provence pattern might have you buying your melamine dinnerware from Le Cadeaux after all. While they are famous for making dinnerware with unbelievable and intricate designs, there is nothing wrong with a company like this making a solid colored variety of their most popular dishes as well.

Like all other melamine, everything is safe to go in the dishwasher and you can use it for just about anything at all except for microwaving. Never, ever microwave melamine dinnerware or anything made from melamine.

Korean Potter Inspired Dinnerware Set by Kitchenwide Corp

Never fear – not all the best selling melamine dinnerware is made by the same company. In fact, some of the most beautiful melamine isn’t produced by Le Cadeaux at all but instead by KitchenWide Corp.

Their Oriental Beauty patterned dinnerware set is unlike any other dishes you’ve seen before, though it is sure to bring onions to mind when you see it. In fact, each of these plates looks almost like a cross section of a humongous onion cut super thin and used as a plate. This is about as close as you can possibly get to eating from Korean pottery.

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Diamond White Dinnerware by G.E.T. Enterprise

Sometimes the best selling sets of melamine dinnerware don’t do well because they are elaborate or pretty, but because the buyer gets a lot of good dishes all at once. Getting a 40 piece set of anything for $150 is a great deal but when you consider it is melamine from G.E.T. Enterprises, you might be tempted to go buy it right now.

If you have a big family or group to serve, this package will handle it.

It’s Shopping Time

Let me reiterate that when it comes to dinnerware selection, best is determined by a set of variables. Other than the material used, you would also likely have to take price and design into the consideration.

I hope you have found what you love from the list above. But if you are still hunting for casual dinnerware alternatives, you may want to check out my pick for the best everyday dinnerware sets.

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