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Best-Selling Serving Trays

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The mention of meal time often brings us to the dining room and dining table.

If you have young children in the family, dinner can be a great family time where everyone assembled and conversation takes place at the dining table.

Otherwise, some people like to have their dinner in places other than the dining room.

Having your dinner while watching the latest blockbuster movie in your living room is just one example.

Whatever your reason may be, having good serving trays would definitely be useful. I don’t recall going into any of my friends’ houses which do not come equipped with one of these trays.

To give you a jumpstart, here are 5 Best Selling Serving Trays to kick of your search.

List of Best-Selling Serving Trays for Different Budget Range

If You Have only $50 to Spend

If you’re looking for a stylish and sturdy alternative to melamine dinnerware, you’re in luck.

There are plenty of variations on this classic (or is it ancient?) type of dishware but for something else altogether, you can’t go wrong with the Totally Bamboo Butler’s Serving Trays.

It is a great serving platform made from real bamboo which coincidentally isn’t one of the strongest woods out there.

This serving tray is great for carting around a platter full of food or drinks and it goes for about $35 on average. Be sure to look around for the best deals on this great brand of melamine dinnerware alternative.

If You Have only $100 to Spend

Other than melamine and stoneware dinnerware, another type of material that is not less popular is acrylics, especially when it comes to serving trays.

The Rosetto Liteware Acrylic Twist Serving Tray is one of the best-selling acrylic trays on the market right now.

It is widely available; all you need to do is look it up on Amazon, eBay or another shopping website and you’re sure to find this tray.

The price is affordable enough that most people could buy one. $50 might sound kind of expensive but if you’ve seen just how much some dishes cost then you know this is untrue.

If $150 is All You’ve Got

Ronel Co.’s Deluxe White Wooden Breakfast Tray does a great job of carting around food and other fare but besides that, it also has legs so you can stand it up anywhere at all.

It’s perfect for breakfast in bed and the tray does lift out and remove if you wish, so don’t worry about it being too big or bulky.

Unlike some melamine dinnerware, the plastic used for this frame might not stand up to serious abuse. Still, how bad are things going to get in your bed? For about $120, this is an expensive, versatile piece of dishware.

If $200 is All You’ve Got

These serving trays are all fine, really, but none of them have the kind of flash or exuberance that makes a memorable serving station.

The Kentucky Derby Over Serving Tray by Arthur Court Designs is so bold and beautiful viewers are sure to remember it.

Unlike the best dinnerware sets made out of melamine, this thing is made from an aluminum alloy which is light, strong and more than anything, reflective.

The edgework is very detailed and this is great for use around the house or to give as a gift to someone you know who loves horses. This is a good deal for less than $200.

If You’re Free to Choose Anything You Love

Some of the best selling serving trays are also the hardest to find. Far from melamine dinnerware which you can find at most antique or secondhand stores and even new at some places, the Waterford Crystal Lismore Diamond Square Tray is rare indeed.

This piece of finely crafted crystal is perhaps the most elegant of all the serving trays you could come up with, though finding one is truly a task.

If you can’t find this $250+ tray online, you could still use some melamine dinnerware to act as the tray you need in the meantime. It isn’t bad material after all.

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