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Here is Why You Should Bamboo Wares

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Do You Know that Bamboo Ware are Biodegradable?

Do You Know that Bamboo Ware are Biodegradable?

Bamboo is Friendly to Mother Nature

Wooden spoons have given cooks the wrong impression of bamboo. Stains discolor wooden utensils, but bamboo is not wood.

As a grass, bamboo grows more rapidly than any other plant on earth, and it produces as much as 30 percent more oxygen than trees. Made from a renewable resource that is environmentally friendly, bamboo utensils are clean, attractive and durable.

Bamboo grows without chemicals and pesticides, and it leaves no pollutants when it is discarded. Harder than maple and an effective insulator, bamboo dinnerware sustains the temperature of hot or cold food that is served on it.

Combining Beauty and Practicality

The light weight of bamboo allows craftsmen to shape it into attractive dishes of many sizes that are unbreakable. Bamboo dinnerware makes a beautiful presentation on a table. The best bamboo dinnerware set comes in variety of shapes that include round, square, oblong and oval pieces.

Reusable or biodegradable, it adds an elegant touch to a table that is not equaled by other dinnerware. At home, at a party, at a picnic or in a restaurant, bamboo is an elegant way to dress a table.

Using Many Shapes to Create Appeal

Stacking a small plate on top of a larger one adds a dimension that is appealing and attractive. Small bowls are perfect for soup or salad, and they are easy to remove when clearing a table.

A square or round plate underneath prevents spills, letting the table retain an appearance of freshness. Handcrafted bowls have a timeless design that coordinates with any décor, and they work equally well with hot or cold food.

Waterproof and resistant to stain, they are easy to clean with a dish detergent and water. Some sets include a large serving bowl in the same design as the individual salad bowls.

Plates that have decorative imprints add a touch of distinction to bamboo dinnerware and make them a topic of conversation. Adding an oriental touch to any meal, they are uniquely beautiful.

Far superior to paper plates that absorb moisture or plastic that lacks sturdiness, bamboo plates are a green alternative that is ideal at a picnic indoors or out. Handmade bamboo bread baskets provide a delightful alternative to a plain bread plate.

Crafted with slots that allow warm bread to breathe and not create condensation, the best bamboo wares make an attractive addition to a table.

Choosing Unique Tools for the Kitchen

Bamboo utensils in a variety of shapes add flair to food preparation that traditional tools lack. A mini bamboo spoon is handy for adding a dash of flour or a few drops of water to adjust the consistency of a dish, and they are fun for guests to use at the dinner table as well.

A mini spatula is a tiny replica of the standard tool, and it lets guests serve themselves from a tray of pizza or tortes. A four inch bamboo tong is ideal for a sophisticated buffet, allowing guests to gracefully pick up shrimp or pieces of lobster.

To an inspired chef, an eight inch spoon is one of the most indispensable bamboo utensils in the kitchen. Shaped to gather the tasty morsels in a sauté pan, it is sturdy and classy.

Creative cooks appreciate having tools that are as creative and original as the dishes that emerge from a kitchen, and bamboo utensils provide the right touch of sophistication. Some sets contain slotted as well as solid spoons that can stir effectively or allow contents to drain as needed.

Guests can use them at every tray on a hot food buffet table to convey delicacies safely and gracefully to a plate.

Should You Go for Bamboo Wares?

Making the case for bamboo ware is a matter of considering its superior qualities. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable, it takes only a matter of weeks to decompose.

Plants that produce it grow profusely and start renewing themselves as soon as they are cut. Designs are delightfully unique, making them a pleasure to use.

Still not decided if bamboo tableware set is the best dinnerware set for you? Have you considered stoneware dishes? Or maybe a melamine or porcelain set?

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