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About the ‘Legendary’ Corelle Square Dinnerware Sets

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Square Dinnerware Makes Beautiful Contemporary Dining Decoration

Square Dinnerware Makes Beautiful Contemporary Dining Decoration

Corelle. The Household Name in Dinnerware

When shopping for new dinnerware sets, one name routinely shows up on the top of the list: Corelle. Corelle has been known for crafting some of the best dinnerware sets for decades. During this time, they have established themselves as a beloved household name when it comes to tableware selection for the modern kitchen.

There are many reasons for Corelle’s popularity. For starters, they make a quality product that lasts. Over the years they have improved their products to make them dishwasher safe and more efficient to clean and put away. Beyond the logistics of a good plate, they have also reconsidered their diverse designs over the years. They offer styles that suit any taste in shapes that range from traditional to contemporary. Below are some of the pros and cons of one of Corelle’s newest sets, the Square 16-Piece dinnerware set, arguably one of the best porcelain dinnerware sets on the market.

What to Expect with Corelle 16-Pc Square Dinnerware Set

What You Get

This 16-piece set is designed for a group of four diners. It includes four dinner plates, four small salad or dessert plates, four bowls, and four mugs.

This is a good collection for a three- or four-course meal that includes a soup course, a coffee and dessert course, and a dinner course.

But for those who want to throw a more extensive party, this set may not contain enough variety in the pieces. Still, for the casual diner, the 16-piece set is sufficient.

Corelle Square Dinnerware Set with blushing rose patternCorelle Square Dinnerware Set for 4 pax

Contemporary Square Shape Loved by Modern Homeowners

As the name suggests, the set is square-shaped. It features smooth, curved corners that do not put anyone at risk of being poked while still evoking the modern square shape appreciated by so many. The shape is carried through all four pieces.

The large and small plates have an obvious square shape. The bowl, of course, has curved higher sides to contain liquids, but the view from the top is the same square shape as the plates. The mug is a traditional mug size and shape with the square shape again evident from above.

Corelle square dining ware set with contemporary designCorelle Square 16 piece Dinnerware Set with green leaf pattern

Made to Last

Durability is what sets the best dinnerware sets apart, and Corelle has perfected its durability over the years. It is dishwasher safe, which means that the prints can withstand hot runs through the dishwasher.

The patterns are designed to be long-lasting. In addition, these pieces can be put in both the microwave and the oven (see specifications), making them versatile no matter the cooking or heating method. They are also crafted to be break, chip, and scratch resistant to make everyday use a breeze.

The dishes also stack, which makes it easy to store them in a cupboard. Some may question the durability of the Corelle dishes when holding them; they are thinner than some dish sets and may feel fragile. But the Corelle name means that their durability has been tested thoroughly.

Corelle Square 16 piece dining ware set for 4 paxBeautiful Corelle Square Dinnerware Set for 4 pax with flower pattern

You’re Spoilt for Choices!

One of the more exciting aspects of the Corelle 16-Piece Square dinnerware set is the shear number of designs available.

The square set comes in Pure White, plus a white background with many optional designs. Designs choices include a bold green leaf design that evokes the tropics, small purple and blue flowers that wind up and across the pieces, and striking black and red florals in solids or outlines.

For more linear designs, choices include light blue and brown lines that curve along the pieces, gray and deep red swirls, and black lines that wrap around. There is something for everyone and every decor in this collection.

Final Say

As far as the search for the best dinnerware sets goes, Corelle is always worth consideration. This square set has many benefits that set it apart, making it one of the more versatile and stylish sets on the market.

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