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Cute Thanksgiving table setting ideas that are perfect for Christmas

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The months of November and December contain a great many special holidays that call for food, family, and friends.

While it might be nice to have a special table concept for each, separate serving dishes and utensils can be expensive and take up a great deal of storage space.

Who has time for that? Who has that much cabinet space? In the interest of making the most of what’s at hand and saving money as well as space, we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can use the same dishes and serving ware for all the holiday meals on your calendar-from Thanksgiving into Christmas and other festive celebrations-by tailoring the table concepts.

Cute chalkboard thanksgiving table setting idea

Thanksgiving Table Settings So Cute They are Perfect for Your Christmas Party

Chalkboard Menu Chargers

This can be done easily with a bit of chalkboard paint and inexpensive chargers or base plates. Then, you can customize each charger for the meal planned.

The best flatware to use for this concept is glass, so that you can list the menu on the chalkboard base and it can be read through the serving plate.

Because red and gold are popular colors for both the autumn holiday and the festive season, look for tinted glassware, embellished with a gilt rim or simple and undecorated.

Customizable Utensil Holders

This can be easily done for each place setting by folding a piece of paper horizontally and tucking the ends under.

Print on the facing side messages of gratitude or happiness, with space for each guest to list what they are thankful for or what brings joy to their lives.

Include a small pencil with each place setting. The best tableware for this concept is less formal, and more simply designed.

Gilded Place Holders

You can customize your table simply and easily with a few dollars worth of plastic fruit or decorative pinecones and some white or gold spray paint.

This concept goes equally well with your best dinnerware or a more casual setting.

Simply paint the upper half of your fruit or pine cone with the white or gold paint and attache the name of your friends and family by a bit of twine and a tag.

Alternately, you can make it a formal placard holder by using a piece of cardstock with the name printed elegantly upon it.

Creative Thanksgiving table setting idea using gourds

Repurposing Thanksgiving Gourds

With the turning of the seasons, your cornucopia display is dressed in the wrong color scheme.

That’s an easy fix! Simply purchase a bit of spray paint-white, gold, silver, and scarlet-and a few sprigs of evergreen foliage from your local craft store.

The best dinnerware for this table arrangement will be pure and understated-white or ivory, with only touches of embellishment.

Spray paint the gourds white, silver, gold, and metallic red, then accent the arrangement with holly, evergreen, and tinsel.

A Touch of the Rustic

One way to play up the elegance of the best flatware is to use understated colors in your napkins.

A rustic taupe serviette bundled around your silverware with a white grosgrain ribbon and a sprig of bright holly berries creates a beautiful counterpoint for accented flatware and embellished, formal crystal.

Moreover, it works for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. A bit of imagination and some thrifty thinking can help you to repurpose your Thanksgiving decorations and table concepts for the Festive Season.

Because red and gold are often common colors, as well as natural decor, you can easily add a bit of paint or tinsel to table toppers or creatively stage your place settings for both holidays.

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