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The All-Capable Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpener

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Any cook who has ever cut up a chicken for frying or diced an onion knows the importance of a sharp knife. Anyone who knows their way around a cutting board has had experience with dull knives.

Cooks run the risk of sawing through their fingers as they saw through something with a dull knife. However, a sharp knife is both a blessing and a nightmare.

There isn’t a cook out there who hasn’t added a little skin or blood to a dish by underestimating a sharp knife. How do cooks turn a dull knife into a sharp one? They do it with the Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpener.

How Often Do you Sharpen?

The material of which the knife is made along with the thickness of the blade determines what grind the knife will need to sharpen it.

Carbon steel is the material of which most kitchen knives are made.

They hold a sharp edge and don’t need sharpening very often. Stainless steel is a softer material, one which needs sharpening often.

High-grade carbon steel is the expensive stuff, combining the attributes of both types of knives. It holds an edge better than either of the others.

Good and Bad of Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpener

How It Earns All the Positive Ratings

The best knife sharpener combines grit and angle to sharpen knives. In one knife sharpener review, someone raved how the Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpener allowed him to set the angle at which his Shun Japanese chef knife was best sharpened.

The set contains a 120 grit coarse water stone, a 220 grit medium fine water stone, a 400 grit fine water stone, a 600 grit extra fine water stone and a 1000 grit ultra-fine water stone. The sharpening angles are adjustable, from 10, 15, 18, 21 and 24 and any angle between.

The system does not clamp the blade, so it can be sharpened at the same angle every time. The range of grit on the water stones ensures not much metal filings will come off the knives, as can happen with coarser stones or electric knife sharpeners.

Also in the black cordura carrying case are one pack of 2000 grit polish tapes and one pack of 3000 grit polish tapes, both 15 to the pack.

There are two polish tape mounting blanks, eight inch 1200 grit ceramic hone, microfiber towel, water bottle, instruction manual and instructional DVD.

Warning: It is not Suitable as Sashimi Knife Sharpener

If you go through the various reviews about Edge Pro Apex 4 system, one issue is commonly raised by many owners.

There is no doubt that kitchen and hunting knives are a snap to sharpen with this system. However, when it comes to fillet or boning knife, you really have to get yourself a new sharpener.

The blades in great sashimi knives are thin and flexible, so no amount of angle or grit will help. Provided you use other types of blades to do your boning or fillet cutting, then this system should work.

No one stops you from using it for your fillet knife. But you may want to take note of an experience shared by someone who found “his fishing knives now had a scary sharp edge to them”. This is after he used his Edge Pro Apex 4 to sharpen those knives.

Another thing to consider before purchasing the Edge Pro Apex 4 Knife Sharpener system is the thickness of your knives. There are times when knives have been sharpened so much that the edge has been shaved off.

The thickness of the knife is all that’s left. In that case, the knife must be professionally adjusted to put an edge back on the knife. The best knife sharpener system uses the angle feature to make sure that doesn’t happen. The knife can be sharpened again and again with no thought to the thickness of the knife.

An Expensive Option, But…

Rated as among the top-selling knife sharpener, Edge Pro Apex 4 is not the cheapest knife sharpener option. But yet, the fact that it remains popular say something about the quality and value that it offers.

The best flatware set and the best kitchen knives of the highest quality do not come cheap either. But if you take your cooking game seriously, it is considered as a basic investment.

In this case, the price tage of Edge Pro Apex 4 will make sense. You wouldn’t want to skimp by getting cheap knife sharpener only to find it ruining the blades of your very much treasured knife.

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