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What Makes Fiesta Dinnerware Set a Timeless Classic?

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You’ve seen it in the summer cabin you use. You’ve seen it on your mom’s and aunt’s tables, and on the tables of your friends. You want them, too. It’s Fiestaware!

But have you ever wondered what makes Fiesta dining ware set so popular and let it stood the test of time? Let’s see.

Fiesta Dinnerware Review Highlights

A Brand linked to Family Traditions

First of all, this comes in blue, red, ivory, grass green, turquoise, white, black, pink, orange and every shade in between. The service is generous, with ten inch dinner plates, 19 ounce bowls, seven ounce coffee cups, ten ounce coffee mugs, cappuccino cups, juice glasses, salt and pepper shakers, gravy boats and much, much more.

Fiesta makes round and square dishes. They make covered casserole dishes, milk jugs, creamer and sugar containers, platters, egg dishes, pizza dishes and vases. It’s a whole world of dishes, but it’s a different world from any other dinnerware maker.

Fiesta was begun in 1936 by Frederick Rhead and manufactured exclusively by the Homer Laughlin China Company. It is made in America, a feature most reviewers praised highly. It featured bright bold colors, art deco styling and lead-free dinnerware and glazing.

The dishes have not been changed over the years. If a Fiesta owner needed replacements, they simply ordered them. These dishes often are passed down from generation to generation. In a dinnerware set review on Amazon, one buyer wrote that her daughter wanted some as wedding presents. If a daughter wants something mom has, how cool is that?

Fiesta 4-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting in paprika colorFiesta 4-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting in ivory option

Highly Durable

One of the pros that makes Fiesta the best dinnerware set ever is that it can go from freezer to oven, from fridge to microwave and from both to the table.

After dinner, they can go into the dishwasher. Not many dinnerware sets are that sturdy, nor can they consistently go from freezer to oven to table without cracking or breaking. Add these innovations to the mix and match colors of the accessories, and you have a winner. This is probably a set that requires the least amount of maintenance.

Reviewers said one of the cons of using Fiestaware is that the lighter colors show scratches from the use of silverware. The darker colors don’t show it. Another pro of Fiesta dinnerware is that the colors never fade.

People wrote in their dinnerware set review that they had had their sets for upward of 18 years, and the colors had never faded.

Fiesta 4-Piece Dinnerware Place Setting in turquouise optionFiesta 4-Piece Dining ware set in shamrock color

Highlights of Customers’ Review

When you consider buying your Fiestaware, size, shape, weight and capacity are important considerations. They might be a little heavy, as many reviewers wrote, but nine out of ten purchasers don’t mind the weight.

The size of the plates and bowls are appreciated by nearly all reviewers, who said they could put cereal, soup or stew in the bowls and not spill a drop.

The only con reviewers made was that the salad plate was a tad small and that the coffee cup wasn’t easy to hold, because the handle only had a small hole for fingers. Other than that, reviewers considered Fiesta the best dinnerware set ever made.

The Most Collected Dinnerware

What makes this dinnerware so popular? Why is it consistently given as gifts and everyone seem to have a Fiesta ware in their kitchen collection?

Proudly made in America, the craftsmanship is beyond compare. The size is just right, and the colors are exquisite. That’s the key.

Reviewers scream how wondrous are the colors, how they mix and match colors according to mood and food, and how they can’t wait to collect more colors.

The colors are vibrant and exciting. They grab the attention. They make food look better. Reviewers seem to love the yellows, oranges and peaches. Others tended to like the blues and reds. Whatever color they loved the most, though, they all agreed that collecting as many colors as they could was devoutly desired.

Is Fiesta Dinnerware a Great Dinnerware Bargain?

Fiesta dining ware set may be the perfect for every day dinnerware set but it is certainly not designed for such special occasions as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Combination of few factors – price, color variety and Made in America – make it a classic dinnerware set that will remain popular as long as we still convene at the dining table for meals and family gatherings.

Do you have a Fiesta ware? If not, what are you waiting for?

Photograph courtesy of Boudewijn Berends

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