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Funny Things People do When They are Hungry

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Hunger is a natural reflex designed to keep humans healthy and energetic to hunt, gather and reproduce.

As a primitive reflex, however, hunger can also create unusual situations for people who don’t have time to eat or are on a strict diet.

Even with the best flatware decorating your dining table, dinner may still be hours away.

Take a glance at just some of the odd behavior reflected by extremely hungry people.

Funny things hungry people do

Hungry? Are You Guilty of These Things?

Candy is Nutritious!

Those chocolate bar commercials aren’t reality as healthy snack choices, but hunger makes you think otherwise.

You could have the best flatware set out for a healthy chicken, rice and salad dinner, but a late work night cancels those plans.

Suddenly, any candy or chocolate bar looks like the perfect choice when dinner was supposed to be at 5PM and it’s now 8:30PM.

You may even eat several candies just to keep your strength up on the way home.

Every Carb Looks Tantalizing

Your body usually craves carbs or carbohydrates when hungry because these foods offer nearly instant energy.

Made of simple sugars, you’ll eat any pastry, bread, french fry or other starch just to feel satisfied.

However, eating carbs to curb hunger only makes you hungrier faster because the sugar high doesn’t last very long. Use your best dinnerware on protein-based foods to stay hunger-free, such as lean meats or beans.

The Floor is a Chair

You’ve hit rock bottom when the floor looks appealing as a chair or couch. Extreme hunger causes the body to conserve energy to the critical organs, including the heart and brain.

Your skeletal muscles lose almost all their strength, especially if you haven’t eaten all day. The body will literally want to lay down and rest.

If you’re on a bus or subway at the time, the floor suddenly looks perfect for a nap. Avoid this scenario by carrying a small snack at all times.

A granola bar in a bag, for instance, curbs the hunger until you reach home.

Evil Takes Over Your Calm Demeanor

During prehistoric eras, humans had to fight and defend their food sources.

When you’re hungry, the body and mind almost snap into a primitive state. When you’re in line at a restaurant and hunger is upon you, any obstacle to the food source is grounds for annoyance and possible outbursts.

A normally calm person suddenly is combative with hunger pains. Try to keep your cool while picking up food well before extreme hunger sets in.

Weird things you do when you are hungry

Thinking Straight is Overrated

The brain needs sugars to operate correctly, requiring consistent food sources as a result.

When you’re hungry, the brain may not work as well as normal. Transposing numbers on a document or hazy thinking on your feet is common for hungry people.

You may even speak incoherently and not realize it in extreme cases. Hunger is vicious on the mind so remain consistent with meals and snacks.

After buying that best dinnerware, put some food on the table with it to avoid these sometimes embarrassing situations.

In general, people should eat a little bit of food every two or three hours to keep blood sugar levels steady.

A banana mid-morning keeps those crazy cravings from taking over at lunch, for instance.

Avoid being that person laying on the floor just wanting to eat but cannot reach the kitchen.

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