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Work sharp Ken Onion Knife Sharpener: More than You Ever Demanded

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Anyone who uses a lot of kitchen knives knows that they need to be kept as sharp as possible for maximum efficiency. However, this can take a great deal of time and effort, and the results are not always consistent.

Having a semi-automated sharpening tool can be an incredible asset to any home cook or handyman. The Work Sharp WSKTS-KO is the result of a collaboration between the knifemaker Ken Onion and Work Sharp Team.

It uses special abrasive belts to help keep the best kitchen knives, pocket knives and other blades as sharp as they were on the day they were purchased. This knife sharpener review is designed to show you how the Work Sharp WSKTS-KO works and how it can be beneficial to you.

If you do your research right, you’ll find many knife sharpener reviews end up recommending Work Sharp WSKTS-KO as the best knife sharpener. But what’s fueling all the buzz? Let’s find out.

A Review of Work Sharp WSKTS-KO Knife Sharpener

Features to Love

The Work Sharp WSKTS-KO is a great tool for those who need to keep a lot of knives very sharp and in good condition.

It features a knife guide that is adjustable by increments of one degree at a time, from 15° to 30°.

You can grind and sharpen any angle that you like on any blade that you own. This wide range of choices is simply unavailable with traditional wet stones and sharpening kits.

The 3/4 by 12 inch abrasive belts can sharpen any style of knife that you can imagine. This includes the likes of Victorinox’s popular boning knife and Shun’s highly acclaimed classic gokujo.

Whether your ornamental tanto needs some attention or your chef’s knife needs to stay razor sharp, you can do it with this all-in-one tool. It can even sharpen serrated knives, which you wouldn’t be able to do with a traditional sharpening kit. You can also sharpen scissors, which means that you won’t have to keep tossing pairs as soon as they get a little blunt.

Demonstration of knife sharpening with Work Sharp Knife and Tool SharpenerClose up view of Work Sharp WSKTS Knife Sharpener

There is a variable speed setting that helps you stay in control of how quickly the belts move while you sharpen the best flatware that you have.

You can choose between 1200 SFM to 2800 SFM with minimal fuss and effort. When you purchase the Work Sharp, you’ll also receive a package of the abrasive belts in a variety of sizes and grit settings.

Best of all, the results that you get with the WSKTS-KO are consistent. If you want each blade to have a certain bevel and sharpness, then you can get that every time.

You won’t have to spend ages sharpening one knife again and again. All you have to do is put the belts in place and adjust the knife guide and speed settings. You’ll be sharpening knives in no time!

Where It Could Have Fared Better

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Work Sharp has nothing to do with how it works. Instead, many potential buyers may be dissuaded by its price tag.

If you can accommodate a Work Sharp WSKTS-KO in your budget, then you should not have any issues.

Illustration of Work Sharp WSKTS Ken Onion sharpener in actionKnife Sharpening with Work Sharp popular knife Sharpener

Some knife sharpener reviews for the Work Sharp do note that some of the abrasive belts are difficult to find in retail settings. If you use up belts of a certain grit on a regular basis, then you may have to do some hunting in order to find replacements.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, the best knife sharpener is one that suits the individual’s needs. Even the best chef knife differs based on the cooking style and preference of individuals.

Everyone will need something different. But if you have a lot of knives that you use on a regular basis, then the Work Sharp WSKTS-KO may be the perfect choice for you.

It is durable, quick and easy to use. It makes an essential flatware maintenance toolkit.

Private chefs, home cooks and knife enthusiasts can achieve the same results at home that knifemakers get in a professional setting. The Work Sharp WSKTS-KO is well worth a try.

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