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Lenox Butterfly Meadow Dinnerware Set: An Artisan Piece of Work

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Highlight of Lenox Butterfly Meadow Set

The Lenox Butterfly Meadow dinnerware set has a butterfly and wildflower motif on its surface. It is made out of fine china, specifically Lenox white porcelain. It is durable and versatile enough to be used for a variety of different gatherings, whether they are formal or informal.

The motif was designed by the artist Louise de Luyer. Each specific piece has a butterfly and a wildflower on it.

The butterflies include swallowtails, Orange Sulphers, Monarchs, and Eastern-Tailed Blues. Flowers include morning glories, tiger lilies, and lilacs. Each butterfly and flower are positioned in a slightly different position from piece to piece.

What You Get in the Set

There are four different sets that in which the Lenox Butterfly Meadow dinnerware set is available. The first is the eighteen piece set, which can be used for six people.

It has six plates, six cups, and six mugs. The second is the twenty piece set, which can be used for four people. This dinnerware set includes four dinner plates, four accent plates, four rice bowls, four pasta bowls, and four mugs.

The third set is the five piece completer set, which includes the specialty pieces. This set has a bowl that is ten inches in diameter, a platter that is sixteen inches, and a sugar bowl that is four and a half inches high, and creamer that holds seven ounces.

The last set is a seven piece dessert set, which includes a cake platter, a dome, four dessert plates, and a cake server.

The Case for Buying It

This dinnerware set includes a number of different features that make it easy to use and convenient in any setting.

Complete cup line-up in Lenox Butterfly Meadow Tableware collection

Dishwasher Safe

When placed in the dishwasher, the pieces in this set will not break down over time or be damaged in any way. This makes it easy to keep these dishes totally sanitized and significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to clean up after a meal.

Using a dishwasher also tends to reduce the amount of scratches dishes accumulate over time.

Oven Safe

Although these pieces are elegant, they are also hardy enough to be put in the microwave without melting or warping. Food can be heated up in these dishes, rather than having to be transferred to another container.

Being oven-safe means that the dishes can be taken out of the oven and immediately placed on the table without having to worry about the heat being conducted through the dish and causing damage.

Freezer Safe

These pieces of tableware are able to hold food in the freezer without becoming brittle or developing an increased chance of cracking over time. This removes the additional step of having to put the food on a different plate before storing it for a night or two.

Fabulous Embellishment

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing floral and butterfly motif, what makes this one of the best dinnerware sets is its scalloped edges that elevate the plates and other pieces to a higher level of elegance.

It is possible to purchase flatware and other pieces, such as cake platters and serving bowls, that also match the standard tableware. This is exceedingly helpful because it allows a meal to be uniform and aesthetically pleasing.

Some Thoughts

In a number of tableware reviews, some customers have reported that the pieces scratch easily and do not hold up over time. Other customers have reported the exact opposite.

Personally, I have good impression of Lenox Butterfly Meadow tableware. Ultimately, you have to know that when you’re buying an expensive porcelain, it doesn’t mean the set is more scratch resistant compared to the others.

You still have to do your part in ensuring that proper care is being given.

The dinnerware set tends to be heavier because it is made out of high-quality porcelain, which can prove difficult for children to maneuver successfully.

Is Lenox Butterfly Meadow the Best Dinnerware Set Buy?

Lenox butterfly meadow dinnerware set is definitely among the more popular set that has received its share of positive ratings more than the negatives.

But in the end, deciding if a dinnerware set is good enough still depends on your personal taste and need. Do you love the design? Does the set come with everything you need?

If these two questions are answered yes, I see no reason that could hold you back in your decision making.

Photograph courtesy of Luigi Crespo

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