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Is Oneida Mooncrest 45-Pc Flatware Set Worth an Investment?

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Table Setting Idea with Beautiful Flatware Set

A dinner table assumes an elegant air when it is complemented by a matched set of eating utensils, and it is the proper way to dine.

The ambiance that is created when family and friends gather at the end of a day to share a meal is enhanced with the use of a suitable table service. Silver is elegant and lovely, but it is also expensive.

When you are searching for a way to accent your table with the best flatware set that you can find, take a look at the Oneida Mooncrest 45-Piece Flatware Set. It has the beauty of silver without the expense or need for care.

Picture of Oneida Mooncrest 45-Piece Flatware Set

Oneida Mooncrest (45-Pc): A Flatware Set Backed by Industry-leading 25-Years Warranty

About Oneida Mooncrest Flatware Set You’ll Love

The Right Size. Great Weight. Perfect Balance.

The way that a piece of flatware feels in your hand influences how much you like it. The characteristics that can help you select the best flatware set include size, weight and balance.

Choosing an ornate or a classically simple pattern is a matter of personal taste that is usually secondary to the way that it feels.

The 45 piece Mooncrest set balances the weight between the tines and the shaft of the dinner fork in a contemporary shape that is timeless. The knife has a comfortable grip that makes cutting easy, and it is gracefully shaped to fit the hand.

Oneida mooncrest dinnerware set comparison - indonesia vs china made

Forks and Spoons of All-sizes You Ever Need

While any fork or spoon can successfully transport food from plate to mouth, it is nice to have a special one for use in different courses.

The teaspoon is useful in the morning for stirring your coffee or for serving a soft dessert after dinner, and it is a miniature version of the soup spoon.

As a stand in for a vegetable server, the soup spoon is large enough to perform that way as well as for eating a delicious soup.

The salad fork can serve as a dessert fork when you have a piece of cake or pie as a conclusion to a meal, and it is delicately shaped to deliver just the right bite size. The sleek design of the dinner fork is appealing to the eye, and its long tines add to the ease of graceful dining.

When you search for the best flatware set that fits within your budget, you need to find one that gives you a service for eight as a minimum. Additional pieces that come with the best flatware set include a serving spoon, a meat fork, a butter knife, a pierced serving spoon and a sugar spoon.

Contemporary Design

Ornateness is not always a sign of sophistication or elegance, and a contemporary design is often a sign of the best flatware set. Simplicity equates to beauty in art, and it is a feature of the Oneida Mooncrest set.

The handles are lacking in ornateness, and their simple shape is what makes them beautiful. The understated pattern pairs well with the best dinnerware sets without competing for attention.

Its finish is bright and shiny, reflecting the natural light in your dining room or the candlelight that can accent a romantic dinner. Without ornate silverwork that requires hours of polishing, the Mooncrest is a beautiful service that needs little care.

Cleaning with Ease

Made of stainless steel, the set lacks the luster of silver that appeals to some people. The durable material makes it completely safe to use in your dishwasher, a practice that is not recommended for the pricier metal.

Backed by a warranty of 25 years, the contemporary set can provide reliable service with little care.

You Decide

This 45-pieces mooncrest flatware set from Oneida is unarguably one of the best when it comes to value for money.

Don’t simply take the popularity and rave reviews for granted that it is the set that’ll best serve your need. Think about what you need and decide if this has all the criteria to meet your requirement.

Looking for a new flatware set? Have you thought about the best flatware caddy to accompany your brand new set?

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