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Sharp AP0119: The Only Electric Sharpener You Need?

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The joy of cooking is enhanced when you use knives that are sharp. Gourmet cooks put great effort into all aspects of preparing an elegant dish, often starting with paring and slicing vegetables in particular ways.

The thought of using a crude chopper is abhorrent when you care about the appearance of the food that graces your table. With a sharp knife, you can julienne green beans, carrots or apples and slice a tomato beautifully, but you need the best knife sharpener to make it happen.

Sharp AP0119 Knife Sharpener Reviews

Sharpener is an Essential Arsenal of any Great Chef

Even if you get the highest quality knives, they will still not hold an edge for long when you use them regularly. But what differentiates good from low quality knives is they quickly regain their top-notch sharpness when you sharpen them.

Some manufacturers claim that their knives remain sharp, but you may find that promotional blurbs are not entirely accurate in practice. Whether you use knives of the finest steel or another composition, your kitchen needs a set of knives that lets you create dishes requiring a sharp blade.

The Shun AP0119 Electric Sharpener is a safe alternative to using a honing stone, and it holds a blade at the correct angle for sharpening.

When you are doing your knife sharpener review, ease of use, effectiveness and cleaning requirements are important qualities to examine. Knives are expensive, and proper care allows you to use them for many years.

Sharpening a knife by hand is not as easy as it may look, and a slight slip can cause a serious wound. An adage cautions to direct a blade away from yourself when you sharpen it, but accidents happen without warning.

Even it you avoid injury, you have no accurate way to know that you are making a knife sharper or duller until you use it. The Shun AP0119 is easy to use, and it provides consistent results.

Don’t Take all Knife Sharpener as Equal

As you draw a blade through the groove on the unit, it encounters coarse grindstones that shave a small amount of metal to remove nicks, rust and dull edges. Two fine stones complete the process to produce a smooth edge that is sharp and uniform.

The grindstone cartridge in the unit is easy to remove and rinse under a running faucet, but it needs to dry before you replace it.

Shun’s high quality Japanese knives are challenging the popularity of blades made in Europe for preferred use by professional chefs and culinary artists like you.

European knives like Victorinox are heavier than Japanese knives, and they are not sharpened in the same way.

The Shun AP0119 includes an excellent feature that lets you sharpen all of your knives. Using the pre-set 16 degree angle gives you the results that you need.

To prevent the sharpener from skidding across your countertop when you use it, the unit has rubber feet that hold it in place. The compact shape takes up little space on your countertop, an important consideration when you look for the best knife sharpener.

A hidden compartment conceals the cord, and a transparent cover prevents small objects from falling into the working mechanism when you are not using the device. Features like these are worth evaluating in your knife sharpener review.

Not the Cheapest Investment But…

Electric knife sharpeners are not cheap, but they are worth paying for if they extend the life of your cutlery and prevent injury to your hands.

The quality of the Shun AP0119 is superior to other models that cost more. One consideration against is probably the one year warranty it comes with. This is while some others include one for two or three years.

So, do you think Shun AP0119 is the best electric sharpener for the best flatware collection in your kitchen?

I’d heard lots of good stories written about it and I’ve so far not recalled any bad encounter with the brand. I’d definitely love to hear anyone’s experience.

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