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Is Victorinox 47513 Boning Knife a Low-Cost High Performer?

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When looking for the best boning knife, the Victorinox 47513 boning knife is certainly worth considering. Some of the features of this product are its brand reputation, thin flexible blade, stamped ice tempered high carbon stainless steel, and Fibrox handles. I will guide you through the pros and cons of this knife to help you decide if this is the right knife for you.

Highlights of Victorinox 47513 Boning Knife

Picture of Victorinox Cutlery 6-Inch Semi-Flexible Straight Boning Knife

Victorinox Boning Knife with Fibrous Handle: Best Value for Money

It’s Made by Swiss Knife Maker!

One of the popular aspects of this product is the brand that stands behind it. Victorinox is the creator of the original Swiss Army knives that are popular the world over. The company has been in business since the late 1800’s and has an outstanding world reputation.

You will find its cutlery products featured in many popular magazines and retailers. The knife includes a lifetime warranty and is made in Switzerland. The company has a high customer service rating for its products and I think that reputation speaks for itself.

A feature that makes this the best boning knife is its flexible blade. The shape and thin flexible blade help this boning knife to easily cut meat off the bones. The design offers precision control over the cutting process.

A flexible blade is more appropriate for cutting fish and poultry but is not necessarily the best flatware for use with fibrous meat like beef and pork. Many people say it works great as a filet knife as one of the best boning knife kitchen tools they’ve owned.

There are even several customers that state it does work well for boning work on most meats. It is a great piece of flatware that has value and is beneficial in the kitchen.

Victorinox boning knife with fibrox handleThe art of steeling a knife ala Victorinox

Flexible & Sharp Blade

Another merit of the Victorinox 47513 boning knife is the material from which it is constructed. It is stamped from cold-rolled steel and which gives it an edge that provides maximum cutting area as well as easier sharpening. For best results, we recommend getting the best knife sharpener.

One of the important aspects of any boning knife is that it stays very sharp. The stamped steel process makes this blade much lighter than the typical forged blade which appeals to many chefs.

The con could be the durability compared to forged blades however most customer reviews stated that this boning knife held up very well. For the difference in cost for a forged blade and the lighter rolled steel blade, the value of the Victorinox 47513 is outstanding. The quality of this particular flex boning knife makes it the best boning knife.

Slip-resistant & Ergonomic Handle

Finally one of this boning knife’s unique features is its original Fibrox. The advantages of the handle are slip resistance and NSF-approved ergonomic handling. Slip resistance is important to any good knife.

The last thing you want is an accident and the design of this boning knife helps keep you safe. The NSF is an independent accredited organization that develops public health and safety standards and this piece of flatware meets their safety standards.

It has a comfortable grip design that is textured and shaped appropriately for balanced control while doing boning work in the kitchen. There were a few complaints that the handle was a little bulky and somewhat uncomfortable but the majority of customer reviews about the handle were very positive.

Final Score

Overall, I can say that the Victorinox 47513 boning knife is an exceptional boning knife. Customer response seemed overwhelmingly positive toward this knife.

The ergonomic design of the knife coupled with its stamped cold steel manufacturing process, flexible blade, and a leading company behind it make this knife the best boning knife for the price that I’ve seen.

Not convinced that this is the best knife to complement your boning skill? Why not check Shun Classic Gokujo boning knife? It’s an expensive knife but is one class above this popular knife from Victorinox.

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